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sábado, 14 de abril de 2018

Star 80 del 14 de abril de 2018

Track List

Mickey Oliver ‎– In-Ten-Si-T
New Order - Blue Monday
OMD - Enola Gay
Miko Mission - Two For Love
Andy Romano ‎– Run To Love
Tom Hooker - Real Men
Den Harrow - A Taste Of Love
The Twins - Love In The Dark
Mike Mareen - Lady Ecstasy
Neil Smith - Help Me Through The Summer
Deblanc - Mon Amour
Riky Maltese – Warrior
P. Lion – Dream
Juanma Ortega – Don Disco Mix 3
Samantha Gilles - Let Me Feel It
Michael Bow - Love & Devotion
Tapps – My Forbidden Lover
Shannon - Give Me Tonight
O'Ryan - She's My Queen
Paul Sharada – Dancing All The Night
My Mine - Cupid Girl
Rudy & Co – Mama Radio
Alan Ross - Valentino Mon Amour
Panther Rex - Goodbye My Love
Silver Pozzoli - From You To Me
Wish Key - Orient Express
Midnight Passion - I Need Your Love
Sandra – Everlasting Love

Koto - Visitors

sábado, 7 de abril de 2018

Star 80 del 7 de abril de 2018

Track List

Sandy Marton - People From Ibiza
Tagomago – Shoobeedà
Michael Bedford - More Than A Kiss
Den Harrow - Future Brain
Alan Cook - Bad Dreams
Raggio Di Luna – Comanchero
Savage – Only You
Robert Bravo - Love Me Like I Do
Fancy - Flames Of Love
Mike Mareen – Germany
C.C. Catch - Soul Survivor
Thomas Anders – Lunatic
Roy - Shooting Star
Cliff Turner - Moonlight Affair
Grant Miller - (Find my) Tracks in the Snow
Ric Fellini - Souvenir D'Amour
David Lyme – Playboy
Danny Keith - Keep On Music
Monte Kristo - Lady Valentine
Paul Parker - Don't Play With Fire
Kristian Conde - Dolce Vita
Panther Rex - High Or Low
Fred Ventura - Leave Me Alone
Nick John - Lost In Dream
Luca Coveri – Do It Again
Koto – Visitors

sábado, 24 de marzo de 2018

Star 80 del 24 de marzo de 2018

Track List

Tullio De Piscopo - Stop Bajon Primavera
Brando – Rainy Day
Riky Maltese ‎– Rainy Day
D.White feat. Soulya ID - Is not the Rain
Paul Rein - Lady O
Fred Ventura – Zeit
C.C. Catch - One Night's Not Enough
Limahl - The Never Ending Story
Mozzart – Money
Italove feat Ken Laszlo - Disco Queen
Alpha Town - Power Of Magic
Marisa Machado - Wet Dreams
Sabrina Salerno - Boys, Boys, Boys
Aleph - Big Brother
Paul Parker - Don't Stop
Digital Emotion - Steppin'Out
Tapps - My Forbidden Lover
Scala - Macchina Nera
Samantha Fox - Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now
49ers - Die Walküre
Divine - Shake It Up
The Flirts – Helpless
Silent Circle - Stop the Rain in the Night
Max Coveri – In The Night
Eighth Wonder - I'm Not Scared
Sisley Ferre - Please Stay With Me
Der Kommissar - Mousse T. Remix
Fuman Chu - Azul Y Negro
Caesar ‎– My Black Lady
Prime Time - Ocean Of Crime
2 In A Room - Do What You Want
Shy Rose - I Cry For You

sábado, 17 de marzo de 2018

Star 80 del 17 de marzo de 2018


Albert One – Secrets
CC Catch – Cause you are young
Yvonne Key – Rise up for muy love
Joe Lockwood - Hey You
Bad Boys Blue – A train to nowhere
Fancy - Flames of love
Den Harrow – Overpower
Brian & The Eden - Sonsy Girl
Gazebo - Telephone mama
Beagle Music ltd. - Daydream
Grant Miller - Wings of love
Jessica - Like a burning star
G G Near - Living in a rom
Fun Fun - Living in Japan
Brian Auger – Night train to nowhere
David Lyme – Playboy
Modern Talking - Jet Airliner
Mode One – Ocean of love
William King - Robin Hood
Radiorama – Fire
Coo Coo – You can set me free
Andy - Wake up
Green Ice – Gigolo
Dj Funny – Superdisco 80 vol.16
Nick Jhon – Lost in a dream
A-Stage – Ocean of crime
Magazine 60 - Don Quichotte
The Twins – Face to face heart to heart
Brian Ice – Night girl
Koto – Japanese war game

sábado, 10 de marzo de 2018

Star 80 del 10 de marzo de 2018

Track List

Boys Town Gang ‎– Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Den Harrow - A Taste Of Love
Andy - Wake Up
Digital Emotion - Get Up Action
Mozzart – Money
Paul Lekakis - Boom Boom
Kristian Conde – Forbbiden Game
Italove - Heading for the Sun
The Winners - Born To Love
Neil Smith - Help Me Through The Sun
Alan Cook - I Need Somebody To Love Tonight
Valerie Dore – Lancelot
Brand Image - Movin' Up
Check Up Twins - Sexy Teacher
Baltimora – Tarzan Boy
Silver Pozzoli - Around My Dream
Radiorama - Chance To Desire
Charly Danone ‎– You Can Do It
Squash Gang - Hey You
Brian Ice - Over Again
D White feat K Lelyukhin - Generous Love
Magic System DJ – Angels
Blind Date - Your Heart Keeps Burning
Fancy - Lady Of Ice
CC Catch - I Can Lose My Heart Tonight
Savage - I'm Loosing You (Swedish Remix)
Miko Mission - Let It Be Love
Fred Ventura – Heartbeat
Stylóo - Pretty Face
Koto - Visitors