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sábado, 18 de mayo de 2019

Star 80 del 18 de mayo de 2019

Play List

Sandra - Maria Magdalena (I'll Never Be)
Betty Miranda - Take Me To The Top
M@rgO Feat Kristian Conde – Disco Come Back
Baltimora - Tarzan Boy
Peter Schilling - The Different Story
Alex Chroma Band - A New Day
Reale Accademia - She's Mine
David Verona - Lie On Your Dreams
Sisley Ferré - Give Me Your Love
K.B.Caps - Do You Really Need Me
Joy Peters - The Passion Of Love
Michael Bow - Love & Devotion
Brand Image – Are You Loving? (2009 version)
Brian Ice - Inside My Lonely Night
Images - Love Emotion
Italove - Heading For The Sun
Joe Yellow - Easy Lovers
Den Harrow - Future Brain
Miko Mission - Let It Be Love
Squash Gang - Hey You
Cliff Turner - Moonlight Affair
Radiorama - So I Know
Claudio Mingardi – Star
Mention - Walk Away
Alicja - So Wonderful
Roy - Shooting Star
Night Society - Hold Me Tight
Koto – Visitors

sábado, 11 de mayo de 2019

Star 80 del 11 de mayo de 2019

Play List

Brand Image – Love In a Summer Night
Shannon – Give me Tonight
C C Catch – Are You Man Enough
Stacey Q – Two Oh Hearts
Ken Laszlo – Don’t Cry
Retronic Voice – Asian Heart
The Human league – Don’t You Want Me
Peter Wilson – Brokenhearted
The Midnight Shift – Stop Me Now
Les Montes - Night Life
The Flirts – Pasion
Robert Grace - A Dream (Dumio)
Swan- Don´t talk about it
My Mine -Can Delight
Hank Shostak – Don´t Tell Me
Ryan Paris – I wanna Love You Once Again
New Romantic - Shy Like An Angel
Julia Claire - Big Star
Marce - I Want You
O.K. - OKAY!
Amnesia – Ibiza
Lee Marrow - Mr. Fantasy
Myxoma - Don't Runaway
D White Feat. Soulya Id - Is Not The Rain
Fancy - Angel Eyes
Mike Mareen - Don´t Talk To Snake
Tom Hooker - King of the world
Toni Peret & J.M.Castells - Max Mix 3
Mark McDean - Italian Girl
Koto – Visitors

Star 80 del 4 de Mayo de 2019

Play List

Taylor Dayne - Tell It To My Heart
ABC - Poison Arrow
Plastic Mode - Mi Amor
Imagination - Just An Illusion
Den Harrow - Mad Desire
Brand Image – Love In A Summer Night (versión 2009)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood – Relax
Italian Boys - Forever Lovers
Joe Yellow - Take My Heart
Tammie Lee - Sky High
Rocky M. - Fly Wiht Me To Wonderland
Magazine 60 - Don Quichotte
Baby's Gang – Challenger
Brand Image – Are You Loving? (versión 2009)
Wolframm - Libra & Capricorn
Silent Circle - I Am Your Believer
Airplay - For Your Love
Fabian Nesty – Heigh-Ho
Systems In Blue - There's No Heart
Ric Fellini - Welcome To Rimini
Michael Rimini - Save My Heart, Don't Let It Go
Riky Maltese – Warrior
Scotch - Loving Is Easy
David Lyme - Never Say You Love Me
Alan Cook - Running Away
Miko Mission - The World Is You
Yazzo – Situation
The Twins - Love System
Spagna – Call Me
Charlie Danone - You Ain't Got A Chance
Koto - Visitors

sábado, 27 de abril de 2019

Star 80 del 27 de abril de 2019

Play List

Chris Luis - In The Heart Of The City
Den Harrow – Catch The Fox
Modern Talking - You're My Heart, You're My Soul
Lovables - It's Beautiful
Savage - I'm Losing You
CC Catch – Backseat Of Your Cadillac
Modern talking – geronimo´s Cadillac
Rick Astley - Together Forever
Next - You're An Illusion
Digitalo – Never Say Never
M@rgo feat. Kristian Conde – Disco Come Back
Camaro´s Gang – Ali Suffle
Miko Mission – One Step To Heaven
Reeds – In Your Eyes
Duke Lake – Do You
Raf – Self Control
Boytronic – Don´t Let Me Down
Alan Cook – I Need Somebody To Love Tonight
David Lyme – Let´s Go To Sitges
Joe Yellow – I´m Your Lover
Bad Boys Blue – Hungry For Love
Night Society - Hold Me Tigh (Tonight)
Daydream – In The Night
Green Ice – Gigolo
Baltimora – Tarzan Boy
Grant Miller – Find My Tracks In The Snow
Les Montes – Night Life
Ken Laszlo – Dancing Together
Shy Rose – i Cry For You
Fred Ventura – Leave Me Alone
Anthony´s Games – Sunshine Love
Brand Image – Love In A Summer Night
Koto – Visitors (alien mix)

miércoles, 24 de abril de 2019

Star 80 del 20 de abril de 2019 (especial 88-94)

Play list

Fred ventura - Heartbeat
Tony Turn - Cherry Chery
Antico - We Need Freedom
Savage -Don't You Whant Me
Co.Ro Feat. Taleesa - Because The Night
Plaza - Oh Oh
2 Unlimited - No Limit
Technotronic -This Beat Is Technotronic
Tom Tom - Replay
Brothers On The 4th Floor – Dreams
Hithouse - Move Your Feet To The Rhythm Of The Beat
Ice MC - Take Away The Colour
Bizz Nizz - We´re Gonna Catch You
Masterboy - Feel The Heat Of The Night
Tanaka – More More More
Sonia - You'll Never Stop Me From Loving You
Italo Boot Mix Vol. 15
SNAP - Cult Of Snap
Tragic Error – Tanzen
Robin S - Show Me Love
Double You - Please Don´t Go
Virgin - Only you
Cetu Javu – ¿Por Qué?
Lee Marrow - Do you want me
Bomb The Bass - Don't Make Me Wait
Chimo Bayo - Asi Me Gusta A Mi
Black and White - Do You Know
Dunne – Espiral0 del 290 de abril de 20
Guru Josh – Infinity
Black Box - Ride On Time
Radiorama – ABCD
Koto - Visitors

sábado, 13 de abril de 2019

Star 80 del 13 de abril de 2019

Play List

Atrium - Week End
Earth, Wind & Fire – Let´s Groove
Kristian Conde feat, TQ - Future
Digital Emotion – Full Control
Mark Farina - To My Heart
Aki - Tokio´s
Max Him - Japanese Girl (remix)
D.White - Wonderful Day
Camaro´s Gang - Ali Shuffle
Mike Mareen - Lady Ecstasy
Samantha Gilles - Let Me Feel It
Alphatown – Runaway
Bobby Orlando - Givin' Up
Kraftwerk- The Model
Mariana – Talk About Love
One System - Life Is Very Short
Bad Boys Blue- Pretty Young Girl
Stage - Ocean Of Crime
Men Without Hats - Safety Dance
Valerie Dore – Lancelot
Gazebo – Lunatic
Italo Boot Mix Vol. 9
Eartha Kitt - This Is My Life
Max Coveri - One More Time
London Boys - London Nights
A-Ha - Take On Me
Rofo - Beach love
Ken Laszlo - Dancing Together
Interface - Plastic Age
Ice MC - Take Away The Colour
Divine - You Think You're A Man
Moya81 - Personal Connection
Koto - Visitors