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sábado, 23 de septiembre de 2017

Star 80 del 23 de septiembre de 2017 con la colaboración de Seve Martin y Rafa Andrés


Ric Fellini - Welcome To Rimini
Monte Kristo - Sherry Mi-Saï
Paul Parker - Don't Play With Fire
Leif Garrett - I Was Made For Dancin’
The Twins - Face To Face - Heart To Heart
Jules - I Want To...
Daydream - In The Night
Marc Fruttero - Dance My Life Away
Company B – Fascinated
Tyson – Die on The Dancefloor
Blue System - My Bed Is Too Big
Hank Shostak - Don't Tell Me
Valerie Dore - Get Closer
Savage - Don't Cry Tonight
Danny Keith - Keep On Music
Tino Casal – Eloise
Paul McCartney - Ou Est Le Soleil (Shep Pettibone Remix)
Madonna - Into The Groove
Fernandisco – Action, Passion, Fashion, Moving
Rick Astley vs Michael Jackson - Take Me To Your Heart vs Smooth Criminal
Turntable Orchestra - You're Gonna Miss Me
Liza Minnelli - Losing My Mind
One,Two,Three – Runaway
Atlanta - Romantic Break

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