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sábado, 26 de mayo de 2018

Star 80 del 26 de mayo de 2018

Track List
Two Of Us - Blue Night Shadow
Lucia – Marinero
Modern Talking - You Can Win If You Want
Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok
C.C. Catch - Heartbreak Hotel
Systems in Blue - Heaven and Hell
Kristian Conde – Dolce Vita 30
David Lyme – Playboy
The Flirts – Danger
Brian Ice - Inside my lonely nights
Rick De Moore ‎– It's Love
Gipsy And Queen - Plaza De Sol
Ivan – Fotonovela
Click - Duri Duri (Baila Baila)
Fred Ventura - Lost In Paris
Ray - I'm Not A Dreamer
Miko Mission - How Old Are You?
Mr. Zivago - Little Russian
Francesco Napoli - Balla Balla
Electra - Cuando Cuando
Magic System D.J. – Inside
Max-Him - Lady Fantasy
Marce - I Want You
Glamour Station - Ev'ry Body Does It
Radiorama – Manitu
Vanessa - Just A Game
Simon – Burning
Joy Peters - Who took my girl
Claudio Mingardi – Star
Alan Ross - Valentino Mon Amour
Lian Ross – Fantasy
Chester - Hold The Line
Koto - Visitors

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