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sábado, 14 de marzo de 2020

Star 80 del 14 de marzo de 2020 (edición 300 en Can10fm)

Track List
Grant Miller - Colder Than Ice
Ken Laszlo – Tonight
Rofo - You 've Got To Move It On
The Twins - Face To Face (Heart To Heart)
Fred Ventura - Wind Of Change
Silver Pozzoli - Around My Dream
D. White Feat. Soulya Id - Is Not The Rain
Reeds - In Your Eyes (Soft Version)
Flexx - Love Theme From Flexxy-Ball
Miko Mission - How Old Are You
Raf - Self Control
C.C. Catch - Strangers By Night
Mark Ashley - Baby Blue
Brand Image - Are You Loving?
Pino D'Angiò - Ma Quale Idea
Koto - Visitors
Nove - Ride My Bike
O´Gar - New Rider
Mike Mareen - Lady Ecstasy
Trans X - Living On Video
Linda Jo Rizzo and Tom Hooker – I Want You Tonight
Norman - Let´s Go To The Beach
David Lyme - Let´s Go To Sitges
Modern Talking - Just We Two (Mona Lisa)
Savage - I'm Loosing You
Albert One – Secrets
Den Harrow - Future Brain
Alan Cook - Running Away
Silent Circle - Touch In The Night
Magic System Dj. - Angel (produced by Star 80)
Nick Jhon - Lost In A Dream
Mazinger Z (Japan & Spanish Version)

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