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sábado, 19 de junio de 2021

Star 80 del 19 de junio de 2021

Miko Mission – How Old Are You?

Rofo – Beach Love

Bran Image - Love In A Summer Night

Malcom & The Bad Girls - No Heaven For The Bad Girls

Fox The Fox - Precious Little Diamond

Sisley Ferré - Give Me Your Love

C.C. Catch – 'Cause You Are Young

Images – Love Emotion

Kasso – Dancing On The Beach

Gazebo – The Sun Goes Down On Milky Way

Baltimora - Tarzan Boy

David Lyme – Playboy

Bonnie Bianco - The HeartIs A Lonely Hunter

Eddy Huntington – Up & Down

The Twins – Love System

Beagle Music Ltd. - Daydream

Facts & Fiction featuring Jérome – Love Gam

Jules – I Want To

Maskio (Roller Force) – Subway

Atrium – Midnight Dancer

Mark Adams – I Know Your Mind

Pearly Gates – Action

Ryan Paris - I Wanna Love You Once Again

Chester - Hold The Line

Trillion – Belgian Girl

Albert One - Heart On Fire

Kelly Brown – Only You Can

Anthony's Games – Sunshine Love

Mazinger Z

sábado, 12 de junio de 2021

Star 80 del 12 de junio de 2021

Track list

Rudy & Co. – Mama Radio

Albert One – For Your Love

CC Catch - Soul Survivor

BLIXX 86 - On the Run Again

David Lyme – I Don't Wanna Lose You

Malcom And The Bad Girls – Shoot Me

Alaska Y Dinarama – Como Pudiste Hacerme Esto A Mi

The Real Milli Vanilli - Keep On Running

Miko Mission - Let It Be Love

Body Power – Nothing

Entrevista Magic System DJ

Magic System DJ – Heaven (NUEVO TEMA)

Ric Fellini – Welcome To Rimini

Tommy - One Night

Bruce & Bongo – Geil

Top Secret – Let It Be

Bad Boys Blue – Pretty Young Girl

Fancy - Flames Of Love

Stylóo - Miss You

Magic System DJ – Angels

Shy Rose - I Cry For You

Peter Jacques Band – Drives Me Crazy

Anthony's Games- Silent Smiles

Reeds – In Your Eyes

Reeds – Take Your Time

Morgana – Ready For Love

Off – Electrica Salsa (Baba Baba)

Righeira – Vamos A La Playa

Norman – Let's Go To The Beach

Magic System DJ – Heaven (NUEVO TEMA)

Mazinger Z

sábado, 5 de junio de 2021

Star 80 del 5 de junio de 2021

Track List

Den Harrow – Future Brain
Brian Ice – Talking To The Night
Gary Low – I Want You
Kristian Conde – Dolce Vita
The Twins – Face To Face - Heart To Heart
Aleph - Fly To Me
Stacey Q – Two Of Hearts
Ken Laszlo - In the Night (2021)
De Niro - Italian Boy
Falco - Der Kommissar
Secret Service – Let Us Dance Just A Little More
Joe Smooth – Promised Land
Bee Gees – You Win Again
The Human League – Don't You Want Me
Quinn Martin – One More Mission
Synthgo feat. Karel Sanders - Back In My Life
Rofo – Beach Love
Baltimora – Tarzan Boy
Mozzart – Money
Synergic Silence Feat. Fred Ventura - You're So Fine

Radiorama – Desire
Inner City – Big Fun
Sandy Marton – Exotic And Eroti
Kylie Minogue - I Should Be So Lucky
Brand Image – We Are
501's – We Are Invincible
Max Coveri - One More Time
Felli – Diamond In The Night
Bad Boys Blue – Come Back And Stay
Alan Cook – Do You Want To Stay
Gipsy And Queen - Plaza De Sol
Tony Postigo – Gigamix
Mazinger Z

domingo, 30 de mayo de 2021

Star 80 del 29 de mayo de 2021

Track List

Alan barry - Come On
Mozzart - Devil's Rendez-Vous
Rofo - I Want You
Grant Miller - Red For Love
Aleph - Fly To Me
Nove - Ride My Bike
Patrol – Invisible
Scotch – Mirage
Mr. Zivago - Little Russian
Fred Ventura - Leave Me Alone
Thai Break - Flowers In The Rain
Eartha Kitt - This Is My Life
Koxo - Step By Step
Eddy Rosemond - Funk It
Real Life - Send Me An Angel
Koto - Dragon´s Legend
Rick Astley - Together Forever
Valerie Dore - The Night
Next - You're An Illusion
Brand Image - Love In A Summer Night
Paul Rein - Lady
C C Catch - Soul Survivor
Tino Casal – Eloise
Patrick Cowley - Megatron Man
The Twins - Ballet Dancer
Panther Rex - Goodbye My Love
Gazebo - Love In Your Eyes
Savage - Only You
Radiorama - Hey Hey
One System - Life Is Very Short
Wish Key - Orient Express
Mazinger Z

sábado, 22 de mayo de 2021

Star 80 del 22 de mayo de 2021

Ross - Coming Up
Alan Cook - Do You Want To Stay
Soft Cell - Tainted Love
O.M.D - Enola Gay
Paul Rein - Lady O
Kristian Conde - Dolce Vita
Digital Emotion - Get Up
Eartha Kitt - This Is My Life
Blue Talking - Don't Wanna Talk Anymore
My Mine - Cupid Girl
Eurotix -A Memory
Julia Claire - A Summer Romance
C C  Catch - Soul Survivor
Silent Circle - Touch In The Night
Modern Talking - Doctor For My Heart
Scotch - Take Me Up
Iudy - The Island Of The Sun
Radiorama – Fire
Jessica - Like A Burning Star
Giani Durante - My Heart Is On Fire
Lisa - Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart
Azul y Negro - Me Estoy Volviendo Loco
Azul y Negro – Four Days, Four Nights
New Order - Blue Monday
Phaeax - Talk About
Atrium - Week-End
Yazzo - Situation
Taffy - Midnight Radio (I Love My Radio)
Mazinger Z