Star 80 del 27 de mayo de 2023 (edición 439 en Can10fm)

Bizz Nizz - Dont Miss The Party Line
Max Him - No Escape
Pet Shop Boys  - Heart
Savage - I'm Loosing You
Brando - Rainy Day
Baby´s Gang - Happy Song
Paul Rein - Lady O
Fun Fun - Happy Station
Linda Jo Rizzo – Forever
Radiorama - Chance To Desire
Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy
Dale B.Dooney & Karel Sanders - Beware Of The Shadow
Tony Postigo - Fancy Hits Mix
My Mine - Can Delight
Taffy - I Love My Radio (Midnight Radio)
Mike Cannon - Voices in the Dark
501s - We Are Invincible
Tokio - You Can't Stop this Game
Tracy Spencer - Run To Me
Interface - Like Puppets
Baccara – Don´t Let This Feeling Go Away
Roy - Destiny Time
A Crazy Sound Convoy - Love Spy
Shooting Party - I Go To Pieces
Joe Yellow - Flash In The Night
Phil Grant - Hey Girl
Aleph - Fly To Me
The Twins - Love System
Fred Ventura - Night And Day
Koto - Chinese Revenge
Divine - You Think You're A Man
Mazinger Z

Star 80 del 13 de mayo de 2023 (edición 437 en Can10fm)

Play List
Digital Game - Please Don't Go
Body Power – Nothing
My Mine - Cupid Girl
Diviacchi - Waiting For Heaven
Degan - Longing For Summertime
Brian & The Eden - Sonsy Girl
Venus - Hot Sun On Video
Kris Tallow - Emotions Game
Sisley Ferre - Give Me Your Love
Fantasy - He's Number One
Interface - Plastic Age
Tozzo – Shankle
Swan- Don´t talk about it
Brian Martin - Sex Tonight
Yvonne Kay - Rise Up (For My Love)
Roxanne – Charlene
Spagna - Easy Lady
Caesar - My Black Lady
Torrevado - Living In The Shuttle
A Split Second – Flesh
Peter Jacques Band - Drives Me Crazy
Bobby Orlando - Givin' Up
Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters
Sotf Cell - Tainted Love
Alyne - Over The Sky
Savage - I Love You
Lucia - Marinero
Fancy - Slice Me Nice
Temper - No Favors
Freez – I.O.U.
Mazinger Z (Japan & Spanish Version)

Star 80 del 6 de mayo de 2023 (edición 436 en Can10fm)

Baby’s Gang – Happy Song

B-Movie – Nowhere Girl

G&M – Don’t Let You Down

Italian Boys - Forever Lovers

Joe Yellow - I'm Your Lover

Scotch - Take Me Up

Den Harrow - Bad Boy

Modern Talking - Cheri, Cheri Lady

Valerie Dore – Lancelot

Miko Mission - How Old Are You

Gazebo - I Like Chopin

Robert Bravo - Love Me Like I Do

Ivan – Fotonovela

Sandra - Maria Magdalena (I'll Never Be)

Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok

Real Life - Send Me An Angel

Prime Time - Ocean Of Crime

Men Without Hats - Safety Dance

Cosa Rosa - Toledo Girl

Fancy - Chinese Eyes

Don Disco Mix

Raf - Self Control

Brian Ice - Over Again

Charlie Danone - You Ain't Got A Chance

Grant Miller - Colder Than Ice

Boris Parker - Thinkin Of You (Ha! Uhu! Uhu! Ha! Ha!

Grant Miller - Colder Than Ice

Atrium - Over And Over

Lime – Guilty

Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy

Baccara – Don’t Let This Feeling Go Away

Mazinger Z