Star 80 del 30 de marzo de 2019

Play List

Tullio De Piscopo - Stop Bajon
R.Bais - Dial My Number
Italove - Heading For The Sun
Alan Cook - Do You Want To Stay
Fred Ventura - Wind Of Change
Thomas & Schubert - Little Flowers
Alpha Town - Power Of Magic
Rofo - I Want You
Michael Oakley - Left Behind
Brand Image - Are You Loving?
Miko Mission - Let It Be Love
Brian Ice - Talking To The Night
Monika Novak - Lane Of My Life
Mozzart – Money
Den Harrow - Future Brain
Joy Peters - One Night In Love
Amadeus Liszt - Win The Race
Lenroy - Do You
Ray - I'm Not A Dreamer
Max Anderson - The Night Hey Ho Ho
Temper - No favors
Modern Talking - Just We Two Mona Lisa
Bad Boys Blue - Kisses And Tears
Fancy – Flames Of Love
Radiorama - Hey Hey
Lee Young – Napoleon
Ken Laszlo – Hey Hey Guy
Lee Marrow - Mr Fantasy
Murray Head ‎– One Night In Bangkok
Round One - In Zaire
Koto – Visitors

Star 80 del 23 de marzo de 2019

Play List

Albert One – Secrets
Ken Laszlo - Don`t Cry
Ram Band - Silent Smiles
Betty Miranda - Take Me To The Top
Public Passion - Flash In The Night
Gary Low - I Want You
Roni Griffith – Desire
Eddy Huntington - Love For Russia
Kano - Another Life
Stefano Pulga - Take Me Higher
Paul Parker - Without Your Love
Elvin- You Set My Heart On Fire
Silent Circle - I Am Your Believer
CC Catch - Strangers By Night
People Like Us - Midnight Lover
Bobby Orlando - She Has A Way
Fred Ventura - Its My Time
Raf Coney - I See You Later
Bizz Nizz - We´re Gonna Catch You
Fabian Nesti – Only The Brave
Atrium - Hey Tonight
Visage - Fade To Grey
Helen - I Love You 1989
S Express - Theme From S Express
Don Discomix 3
Blue System - Under My Skin 2018
Centron – Desire
Silver - Let Me Be Your Love
Danny Keith - Keep On Music
L´Affair - Secret Eyes
Koto - Visitors

Star 80 del 16 de marzo de 2019

Play List

Bruce & Bongo – Geil
Dollar – It's Nature's Way (No Problem)
Coco M - Love & Devotion
Mory Kanté - Yeke Yeke
Ivan – Fotonovela
Deblanc – Mon Amour
Blue System - G T O
David Verona - Lie On Your Dreams
Sonia - You'll never stop me from loving you
Coo Coo - You Can Set Me Free
Bunny X Feat. Fred Ventura ‎– Words
Malibu – Pleasure
Bobby Orlando - Givin' Up
Alex Rasov - Don't you cry!
Laserdance - Power Run
Yazz And The Plastic Population - The Only Way Is Up
WestBam ‎– Monkey Say, Monkey Do
Azul Y Negro - The Night
Dee Dee Martin - Save Yourself For Me
Kylie Minogue-Got To Be Certain
Ma Ritter – You Are The One
Wolframm - Libra & Capricorn
Macho Gang - Naughty Boy
Tragic Error – Tanzen
Ralphi Rosario ‎– You Used To Hold Me
Mona Lisa - Angel Of Love
Squash Gang - Hey You
David Lyme – Bambina
Bianca ‎– One More Time
Carlos Pérez - Acércate Mas
DO Passion ‎– That is love
Cyndi Cee - Starting Over
Koto - Visitors

Star 80 del 9 de marzo de 2019

Play List

Alan Cook - Running Away
Closed - Living In Your Eyes
Peter Wilson - The Game Of Love
Joy – Touch By Touch
Visions – Everybody
Joy Peters - The Passion Of Love
Rocky M. ‎– Fly With Me To Wonderland
Silent Circle - Touch In The Night
People Like Us – Deliverance
Tom Hooker - You're Right
Twenty 4 Seven - I Can't Stand It
Charade – I’m the One
The Flirts – Passion
Scotch - Loving Is Easy
Los Angeles TF – Magical Body
Michael Brown - So many men so little time
Alaska y Los Pegamoides – Bailando
Systems In Blue – Children of the Night
Lime – Your Love
Grant Miller - Red for Love
Radiorama – Manitu
Dead Or Alive - My Heart Goes Bang
Vyck Vio – Elena
Thomas Anders – Lunatic
Cat Bassy – I Know
Mel & Kim – Respectable
Digitalo – Star Girl
Vanilla – Paradise Me Amore
Rofo – Beach Love
Mike Platinas & Javieir Ussía – Mas Mix que nunca
Koto – Visitors

Star 80 del 2 de marzo de 2019


Airplay – For Your Love
Laid Back - White Horse
Righeira - Vamos A La Playa
Vyck Vyo – Angelina
Invidia - Plaza De Toros
Patrick Colby – Mandrill
Talk Talk - Such A Shame
Francesco Napoli - Balla Balla
Hank Shostak - Don't Tell Me
Fred Ventura - The Years (Go By) (Alden Tyrell Remix)
Swan - Don´t  Talk About It
Ken Laszlo - Forever Young (2018)
Stargo – Capsicum
Divine – Hey You!
Phaeax - Talk About
The Communards – Don´t Leave Me This Way
Joe Yellow – Easy Lovers
Alaska Y Dinarama – A Quién Le Importa
Twilight - My Mine
Miko Mission - Universal Feeling
Tony Peret & Jose María Castells - Max Mix 3
D. White Feat. Soulya Id - Is Not The Rain
Roy - Shooting Star
Azul Y Negro - Fuman Chu
Moya81 - Personal Connection
Samantha Gilles - Let Me Feel It
Lime – Guilty
Modern Talking - You're My Heart, You're My Soul
Romantic Avenue feat. Quino – Drama
Bad Boys Blue - Hot Girls  Bad Boys
Lee Marrow - Mr. Fantasy
Koto – Visitors (allien mix)