Star 80 del 28 de noviembre de 2020

Track List

Savage - I Love You

Riky Maltese - Rainy Day

Martinelli - Comanchero

Erasure – Sometimes

Nick John - Lost In A Dream

Baltimora - Key Key Karimba

Savage - Only You Symphonic Version

Don't Cry Tonight Symphonic Version

Joy Peters - Heartaches Made Of Love

Rudy & Co. - Mama Radio

Blue Cabs ‎– You Can Do It Rap

L A Message - Dead Or Alive

Loui$ - Magic Dance

Russ Abbot – Atmosphere

Trillion - Canta Con Migo

Venice - You Gave Me Love

Chicco Secci - Ku Dance

L.I.F.E. - You're All Played Out

Raze - Let The Music Move U

Tony Terry - She's Fly

Raul Orellana – Toros

Entrevista Remember a David Lyme

David Lyme - Never Say You Love Me

Claudio Mingardi ‎– Star

Mazinger Z

Star 80 del 21 de noviembre de 2020

David Lyme – Bambina

Squash Gang - Hey You (What-s Coming On Along The Way)

Visage - Fade To Grey

2 IN A Room - Do What You Wanna Do

Jovanotti - Gimme Five

Robert Bravo - Love Me Like I Do

Next - You're An Illusion

Albert One – Secrets

Silent Circle - What A Shame

Stacey Q - Two Of Hearts

Alan Cook - Bad Dreams

Steve Clark - You Can Say To Everybody

Angel - Touch My Heart

Annie Anner – Night In The City

Reeds - In Your Eyes

Anthony & Rose – Love,Love,Love

Ollie & Jerry - Electric Boogaloo

Funhouse - Dancin´ Easy

Silicom Dream - Jimmy Dean Loved Marilyn

S´Express - Superfly Guy

Depeche Mode - Strangelove

Bomb The Bass feat. Merlin - Megablast

RSP feat. Mercedes D - Imagine It

DJ.Funny - Superdisco Sabadell

Third World - One More Time

Pino D'Angiò - Ma Quale Idea

Men Without Hats - Safety Dance

Mazinger Z (japanese version)

Star 80 del 14 de noviembre de 2020

Andy - Wake Up

Texas Johnny – Superman

Alan Barry - Come On

New Order - Blue Monday

Chito - The Long Tomorrow

Via Verdi – Diamond

Bad Boys Blue - Queen Of Hearts

Modern Talking - Just We Two

Lift Up - Diamonds Never Made A Lady

Miko Mission - Let It Be Love

Tina - Boom Boom

Stephanie - One Love To Give

Pat & Bel - Without You

Bontempo - Good Times

Sauvage - Do You Want Me?

Spyder-D Featuring D.J. Doc ‎– I Can't Wait

Video Kids - Do The Rap

Save Sex - I Don't Do A Thing

Micro Chip League - New York

C.C.C.P. - Made In Russia

Modern Trouble - Fly To Moscow

Scotch - Loving Is Easy

Fox The Fox - Precious Little Diamond

Brand Image - Are You Loving? 2009

Ken Laszlo - Dancing Together

Mirko Hirsch - Angel In White

Silent Circle - Touch In The Night

The Hurricanes - Only One Night

Italove - We Don't Care

Mazinger Z

Star 80 del 7 de noviembre de 2020

Silent Circle - Stop The Rain

Brando - Rainy Day

Joy Peters - Lilac Flower

Bad Boys Blue John - Tom Hooker - Scarlett - With Our Love

Den Harrow - A Taste Of Love

Stylóo - Pretty Face

John Sauli - Can't Stop The Rain

Alphaville - Victory of Love

Fred Ventura - One Day

Linda Jo Rizzo Feat. Ryan Paris - All Around

Bomb the Bass feat. Lorraine McIntosh - Don't Make Me Wait

Jermaine Stewart ‎– Don't Talk Dirty To Me

Sinitta - I Don't Believe In Miracles

Vibration - How How

Wally Jump Jr & The Criminal Element ‎– Ain't Gonna Pay One Red Cent

Earth, Wind & Fire - Thinking Of You

49ers - Die Walküre

Angela – Dynamite

Hong Kong Syndikat - Concrete + Clay

Paul Hardcastle - 19

Toni Peret & Jose Mª Castells - Angel's Rap

Leslie - You Can't Stop The Music

Temper - No Favors

Digital Emotion - Get Up Action

Alan Cook - Running Away

Julia Claire - Big Star

Beagle Music Ltd. – Daydream

O'Gar - Playback Fantasy

Mazinger Z