Star 80 del 24 de septiembre de 2022 (edición 404 en Can10fm)

Den Harrow - To Meet Me

Carlos Pérez - Volviendo A Los Ochenta

Taffy - Midnight Radio (I Love My Radio)

Fresh- The Wolf (El Lobo) 

Matt Bianco - Wap Bam Boogie

Alex Chroma Band - A New Day

Max Covery - Bye Bye Baby

Top Secret - Let It Be

P. Lion - Happy Children (No Hopes Extended Remix)

Stacey Q – Two Of Hearts

Ivan – Fotonovela

Talkin´Fog - Wait Baby, Wait

Modern Talking -  You're My Heart, You're My Soul

Pino D'Angiò - Ma Quale Idea

Amnesia - Ibiza 

Albert One - Heart On Fire

Tapps - Runaway (With My Love)

Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus

C.C.Catch - One Nights Not Enough 

Code 61 - Drop The Deal

Radiorama – Desire

Alaska y Dinarama - A Quién Le Importa

Baccara - Don´t Let This Feeling Go Away

Steve Miller Band – Abracadabra

Kool And The Gang - Fresh

Falco - Der Kommissar (Mousse T. Remix)

Bad Boys Blue - Hot Girls Bad Boys

Temper - No Favors

Peter Schilling - The Different Story

Carlo Finazzi Brand Image - Love In A Summer Night

Glamour Station – Ev´ry Body Does It

Divine  - Shake It Up 

Mazinger Z

Star 80 del 17 de septiembre de 2022 (edición 403 en Can10fm)

Squash Gang - When I Close My Eyes

C.C. Catch - Good Guys Only Win In Movies

Alphatown - Power Of Magic

Silver Pozzoli - Around My Dream

Dj Funny - In The Mix Radio

Secret Lovers - I See It In Your Eyes

One System - Life Is Very Short

Dr. Martini - You Are The One

Paul Mc Douglas - Turbo Geil

Mike Mareen - Lady Ecstasy

Koto – Visitors (Block & Crown Italo Disco Mix)

Airplay - For Your Love

Solid Strangers - My Delight

Maltese - Mama

Baby's Gang – Challenger

Richard Romeo - Non Chalance

Mark Ashley Feat System In Blue - Give A Little Sweet Love

Bad Boys Blue- Pretty Young Girl

Robert Grace -  A Dream (Dumio)

Venus - Hot Sun On Video

Baccara – Don´t Let This Feeling Go Away

Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls

Silent Circle - What A Shame

The Visions – Everybody

Scotch - Loving Is Easy

Vartan - Never Forever For Love.

Mikron - Polynesia 

Dave Merlin - Electric Nights

Alan Cook - Bad Dreams 

Mazinger Z

Star 80 del 10 de septiembre de 2022 (edición 401 en Can10fm)

Rofo - You 've Got To Move It On

Lenroy – Do You

Modern Talking - Doctor For My Heart

Baccara - Don't Let This Feeling Go Away (NUEVO SINGLE)

O´Ryan - She's My Queen

Magic System Dj - Tonight You Will Be Mine

Paul Hardcastle - 19 (Nineteen)

Sotf Cell - Tainted Love

Mister Black – She Has A Way

Lian Ross - Say You'll Never

Chris Luis - In The Heart Of The City

D. Connection - Easy To Say

Squash Gang - I Want An Illusion

Limalh - NeverEnding Story

Caesar - My Black Lady

Claudio Mingardi – Star

Tozzo – Shankle

Sonia – You´ll Never Stop From Me Loving You

Stylove feat. Karel Sanders - I Just Wanna

Interface - Plastic Age

Paul Sharada - Keep Your Love Alive

Viana - Victim Of Desire

Milou - Sentimental Lover

Roy - Shooting Star

Angie St. Philip - Light Up My Heart

Myxoma - Don't Runaway

Samantha Fox - Touch me

Mark Adams - I Know Your Mind

O´Gar - New Rider

Kristian Conde - Dolce Vita

Mazinger Z

Star 80 del 3 de septiembre de 2022 (edición 401 en Can10fm)

Ken Laszlo - Glasses Man

Fred Ventura - Imagine 

Norman – Summertime

Bad Boys Blue - Lady In Black

Stylove feat. Karel Sanders - I Just Wanna

Digital Emotion - You'll Be Mine

Evelyn Thomas - High Energy

Annie Anner - Night In The City

Jovanotti - Gimme Five

Miko Mission - Toc Toc Toc

Bomb The Bass – Don´t Make Me Wait

S´Express - Superfly Guy

Azul y Negro - Me Estoy Volviendo Loco

Francesco Napoli - Balla

Baby´s Gang - Happy Song

Sinitta - I Don´t Believe In Miracles

Charlie Danone - You Ain't Got A Chance

Den Harrow - Future Brain

Brand Image - Love In A Summer Night

Loui$ - Magic Dance

Daydream - In The Night

Steve Clark - You Can Say To Everybody

Fancy – Bolero

Koto - Jabdah (chinese mix)

49ers - Die Walküre

Radiorama - Chance To Desire

Cyber People - Doctor Faustu's 

Real Life - Send Me An Angel

Tina - Boom Boom

Mazinger Z