Star 80 del 27 de marzo de 2021



Tullio De Piscopo – Stop Bajon (Primavera)
Alan Barry – Good Vibrations
Miko Mission – Let It Be Love
Javier Ussía & Mike Platinas - Mastermix 2
Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam
Scotch - Disco Band
DYVA – Geronimo
Silver Pozzoli - Chica Boom
Stylove Feat. Karel Sanders - Sexy Girl
Fancy - Slice Me Nice
Tiziana Rivale - Ash
Koto - Visitors (the alien mix)
Modern Talking - Just We Two (Mona Lisa)
Savage - Two Thousand Nine
Airplay - For Your Love
Roxanne – Charlene
The Carino Crew, Feat. Fred Ventura - Carino Cat
Rudy & Co - Play The Game
Yvonne Kay - Rise Up (For My Love)
Latin Lover - Cassanova Action
David Lyme – Bambina
Peter And The Wolf - Peter And The Wolf
Den Harrow - Bad Boy
Video Kids - Woodpeckers From Space
Cleo - Go Go Dynamo
Michael Sembello – Maniac
Joy Peters -  Don't Lose Your Heart Tonight
Scotch - Delirio Mind
S Express - Theme From S Express
Mazinger Z (japanese version)

Star 80 del 20 de marzo de 2021

Albert One – Secrets

Ken Laszlo - Don`t Cry

Ram Band - Silent Smiles

Betty Miranda - Take Me To The Top

Public Passion - Flash In The Night

Gary Low - I Want You

Roni Griffith – Desire

Eddy Huntington - Love For Russia

Kano - Another Life

Stefano Pulga - Take Me Higher

Paul Parker - Without Your Love

Elvin- You Set My Heart On Fire

Silent Circle - I Am Your Believer

CC Catch - Strangers By Night

People Like Us - Midnight Lover

Bobby Orlando - She Has A Way

Fred Ventura - Its My Time

Raf Coney - I See You Later

Bizz Nizz - We´re Gonna Catch You

Fabian Nesti – Only The Brave

Atrium - Hey Tonight

Visage - Fade To Grey

Helen - I Love You 1989

S Express - Theme From S Express

Don Discomix 3

Blue System - Under My Skin 2018

Centron – Desire

Silver - Let Me Be Your Love

Danny Keith - Keep On Music

L´Affair - Secret Eyes

Koto - Visitors

Star 80 del 13 de marzo de 2021

Divine – You Think You're A Man

Bobby "O" – She Has A Way

Stefano Pulga - Take Me Higher

D.White feat Soulya ID - Devil's Plan

Carlos Perez - Poco A Poco

Dyva - Geronimo (Electro Potato Remix)

Jerome Stocks – Baby I Need Your Lovin' (Club Mix)

Rick Astley - Together Forever

Italove feat. Ken Laszlo - Disco Queen

Betty Miranda – Take Me To The Top

Diviacchi – Waiting For Heaven

Azul Y Negro – Fu – Man – Chu

Gipsy And Queen – Plaza De Sol

Yazoo - Don't Go Re-Mixes

Peter Wilson – Take My Heart

Roger Meno – I Find The Way

Ryan Paris – Sensation Of Love

Cleo - Go Go Dynamo

Tam Harrow - Dancing To the Night

Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok

Stylo - Pretty Face

Michael Sembello – Maniac

Joy Peters - Don't Lose Your Heart Tonight

Brand Image - Love In A Summer Night (2009)

No Name – Fashion

Topo & Roby - Under The Ice

Marc Fruttero - If You're Feeling Blue

Scotch - Delirio Mind

Miko Mission - How Old Are You

Koto - Visitors

Star 80 del 6 de marzo de 2021

Closed – Living In Your Eyes

Dave Merlin – Electric Nights

C.C.C.P. – Made In Russia

New Order - Blue Monday

Mozzart - Money

Rofo – You've Got To Move It On

Retronic Voice - Dancing in My Dream

Sisley Ferré – Give Me Your Love

Soulya ID - When I`ll See The Sea

Savage – I’m Losing You

Italove - Viva la Victoria

Laserdance – Humanoid Invasion

Nóvé – Ride My Bike

Luca Coveri – Do It Again

Brand Image – Are You Loving?

Magic System D.J. - Tonight You Will Be Mine

Spagna - Call Me

Lenroy - Big Fun

Twins - Ballet Dancer

Tommy - One Night

Italian Disco Mix

Tom Hooker & Tam Harrow - Love Me Tonight

Max-Him – Lady Fantasy

Gianni Durante – My Heart Is On Fire

Turntable Orchestra – You're Gonna Miss Me

Top Secret – Let It Be

Koto - Chinese Revenge

Mazinger Z