Star 80 del 10 de septiembre de 2022 (edición 401 en Can10fm)

Rofo - You 've Got To Move It On

Lenroy – Do You

Modern Talking - Doctor For My Heart

Baccara - Don't Let This Feeling Go Away (NUEVO SINGLE)

O´Ryan - She's My Queen

Magic System Dj - Tonight You Will Be Mine

Paul Hardcastle - 19 (Nineteen)

Sotf Cell - Tainted Love

Mister Black – She Has A Way

Lian Ross - Say You'll Never

Chris Luis - In The Heart Of The City

D. Connection - Easy To Say

Squash Gang - I Want An Illusion

Limalh - NeverEnding Story

Caesar - My Black Lady

Claudio Mingardi – Star

Tozzo – Shankle

Sonia – You´ll Never Stop From Me Loving You

Stylove feat. Karel Sanders - I Just Wanna

Interface - Plastic Age

Paul Sharada - Keep Your Love Alive

Viana - Victim Of Desire

Milou - Sentimental Lover

Roy - Shooting Star

Angie St. Philip - Light Up My Heart

Myxoma - Don't Runaway

Samantha Fox - Touch me

Mark Adams - I Know Your Mind

O´Gar - New Rider

Kristian Conde - Dolce Vita

Mazinger Z