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martes, 28 de abril de 2015

Star 80 del 25 de abril de 2015


Brian Ice – Talkng To The Night (Swedish remix)
Savage – Only You
Mode One – Take My Heart
Laban – Love In Siberia
Michael Bedford – More Than A Kiss
Rofo – I Want You
Mike Mareen – Love Spy
G G Near – Living In A Rom
Lenroy – Give Me A Night
Max – Him – No Escape
Brian Ice – Lost Tonight
Closed – Living In Your Eyes
Beagle Music ltd. - Daydream
Montekristo – Lady valentine
Peter And The Wolf - Peter And The Wolf
Avenue – Una Historia De Amor (techno pop version) PREMIERE
Joy Peters – Don't Lose Your Heart
Roy – Destiny Time
Green Ice – Gigolo
Clif Turner – Moonlight Affair
Brian Ice – Tokio (Swedish remix)
Miko Mission – Le It Be Love
Talking Eyes – In The Sun
Squash Gang – Moving Your Hips
Carlos Pérez – Poco A Poco
C C Catch – Good Guys Only Wins In Movies
Javier Ussía & Mike Platinas – Más Mix Que Nunca
Aki – Tokio's

Brian Ice – Night Girl (Swedish remix)

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