Podcast Star 80 del 29 de novimebre de 2016


Track List

Baby's Gang – Challenger
Spagna - Call Me
Brian Ice – Tokio
Roy – Shooting Star
Rick Astley - Together Forever
Mode One - Heaven Is Waiting
Black Denim - Everybody Dance
Bad Boys Blue – You’re a Women
Joe Yellow – Take my Heart
Camaro’s Gang – Fuerza Mayor
Bross – When I Will Be Famous?
Julian – Streight To My Heart
Rocky M – Fly With Me To Wonderland
Eddy Huntington – Up And Down
Baccara - I Belong To Your Heart
Lou Sern – Swiss Boy
P4F – Diamond
TQ feat John Sauli – Leave It All Behind
Mozzart – Money
Modern Talking – Cheri, Cheri Lady
DJ Funny - Superdisco 80 vol. 23
Fenix – Talk About
The Twins – Face To Face, Heart To Heart
Italove – Heading For The Sun
Real Life – Send Me And Angel
Robert Bravo – Love Me Like I Do
Relax don't do it - Frankie goes to Hollywood
Yazoo – Don’t Go
Michael Bedfor – More Than A kiss
Falco – Rock Me Amadeus
Plastic Mode – Mi Amor
Divine – Native Love
New Order – Blue Monday
Grant Miller – Red For Love

Koto – Japanese War Game