Star 80 del 16 de junio de 2018

Track List

Betty Miranda – Take Me To The Top
Carrara – Welcome To The Sunshine
Tood terry Project – Weekend
Italove – Heading For The Sun
Miko Mission – Toc,Toc,Toc
Brand Image – Love In A Summer Night
Man 2 Man Meet Man Parrish – Male Stripper
Fockewulf 190 - Body Heat
Man Whitout Hats – Safety Dance
D White – All The Story is History
K B Caps – Do You Really Need Me
Joy Peters – Don´t Loose Your Heart Tonight
Didi Dj - Star 80 (Alonzo Deep & Cream Remix)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Two Tribes
New Order - Blue Monday
Visage - Fade To Grey
Easure – Sometimes
No Name - Fashion
Azul & Negro - The Night
Vam Cyborg - El Valle De Los Dioses
Atrium - Doctor Jekyll
Chito-The - Long-Tomorrow
Mickey Oliver – In-Ten-si-t
TQ feat. Ken Laszlo and Fred Ventura - In The Night
The Hurricanes - Only One Night
Airplay - For Your Love
The Twins - Ballet Dancer
Michael Bedford - More Than A Kiss
Yazzo – Situation
Moskwa TV - Tekno Talk
Dany Cohíba – Sintonía Star 80 (Colder Than Ice Star 80 house remix)