Directo 24 Horas

Star 80 del 27 de octubre de 2018

Track List

Brando - Rainy Day
Rocky M - Fly With Me To Wonderland
F.R. David – Words
Hank Shostak - Don't Tell Me
Radiorama - Chance To Desire
Alan Barry - Come On
Scotch - Take Me Up
Albert One - For Your Love
DiscoBonus - Spend Your Money
Max Him - No Escape
Hazell Dean ?– Searchin' (I Gotta Find A Man)
Stravaganza ?– Hold Me On Your Heart
Brian Ice - Inside My Lonely Nights
Neil Smith - Help Me Through The Summer
Panther Rex - Goodbye My Love
Real Life - Send Me An Angel
Bad Boys Blue - Hungry For Love
Sonia Belolo - Life Dance
Mike Mareen - Don't Talk To The Snake
Brand Image - Love In A Summer Night
C.C. Catch - Heartbreak Hotel
London Boys - London Nights
David Lyme – Bambina
Grant Miller – Red for Love
Kristian Conde - The Spark
Daydream - In The Night
Savage - Only You
Silver Pozzoli - Around My Dream
Aleph - Fly To Me
Joy Peters - Asian Heart
Eartha Kitt – This Is My Life 

Ken Laszlo - Don´t Cry
Koto - Visitors (aliens mix)