Star 80 del 13 de abril de 2019

Play List

Atrium - Week End
Earth, Wind & Fire – Let´s Groove
Kristian Conde feat, TQ - Future
Digital Emotion – Full Control
Mark Farina - To My Heart
Aki - Tokio´s
Max Him - Japanese Girl (remix)
D.White - Wonderful Day
Camaro´s Gang - Ali Shuffle
Mike Mareen - Lady Ecstasy
Samantha Gilles - Let Me Feel It
Alphatown – Runaway
Bobby Orlando - Givin' Up
Kraftwerk- The Model
Mariana – Talk About Love
One System - Life Is Very Short
Bad Boys Blue- Pretty Young Girl
Stage - Ocean Of Crime
Men Without Hats - Safety Dance
Valerie Dore – Lancelot
Gazebo – Lunatic
Italo Boot Mix Vol. 9
Eartha Kitt - This Is My Life
Max Coveri - One More Time
London Boys - London Nights
A-Ha - Take On Me
Rofo - Beach love
Ken Laszlo - Dancing Together
Interface - Plastic Age
Ice MC - Take Away The Colour
Divine - You Think You're A Man
Moya81 - Personal Connection
Koto - Visitors