Star 80 del 15 de febrero de 2020

Play List

Via Verdi – Diamond
Lift Up - Diamonds Never Made A Lady
Alan Ross - Valentino Mon Amour3
Code 61 – Drop The Deal
Dear Or Alive - You Spin Me Around
Divine - I'm So Beautiful
Mike Hammer – Divine
Bobby Orlando - Whisper To A Scream
Den Harrow - A Taste Of Love
Tommy- One Night
Digital Emotion - Go Go Yellow Screen
Alan Cook - Running Away
Camaro´s Gang - Ali Shuffle
David Lyme – Bambina
Grant Miller -  Red For Love
Blind Date - Your Heart Keeps Burning
Joy Peters -  Don't Lose Your Heart Tonight
Midnight Passion - I Need Your Love
Paul Parker - Without Your Love
Roy - Shooting Star
Ken Laszlo – Tonight
Jacky Dean Foundation - Caravan Of Love
Madigan - Ice Cold Love
Thomas And Schubert – Little Flower
Brian Ice - Talking To The Night
Miko Mission - The World Is You
Eugene - Livin' In Your Love
Luca Coveri - Do It Again
Mazinger Z (Japan & Spanish Version)