Star 80 del 30 de enero de 2021

3 horas con el mejor italodisco

Freeez – I.O.U

Angie Dylan - In The Dark

Cleo - Go Go Dynamo

Earth,Wind & Fire - Let's Groove

Imagination - Music And Lights

Kano – Another Life

Savage – Don´t Cry Tonight

Plastic Mode - Mi Amor

Body Power - Dancing In The Tears

Scotch - Take Me Up

Den Harrow - Bad Boy

Luca Coveri - Do It Again

Duke Lake - Dance Tonight

Gazebo - Love In Your Eyes

Argentina - Baby, Don't You Break (My Heart)

Shy Rose - I Cry For You

Costas Charitodiplomenos - Lost In The Night

Time - Selling Song

Giani Durante - My Heart Is on Fire

Phaeax - Talk About

Michael Prince - Dance Your Love Away

Latin Lover - Cassanova Action

Bobby Orlando - Givin' Up

Mike Mareen - Lady Ecstasy

Nouvelle Phénomène - Cruel Game (Vanzetti & Sacco Remix)

Sweet Connection - Need Your Passion

Javier Ussía & Mike Platinas - Más Mix Que Nunca!!!

Magic System Dj - Tonight You Will Be Mine

Laserdance – Cosmotron

Mazinger Z (japanese version)