Star 80 del 14 de enero de 2023 (edición 420 en Can10fm)

Alan Ross - Valentino Mon Amour
Savage - Only You
Coo Coo - Upside Down
Alan Cook - Bad Dreams
Sisley Ferre - Give Me Your Love
Torrevado - Living In The Shuttle
Reeds - Marines
Caesar - My Black Lady
Tom Hooker - Looking For Love
Tina - Boom Boom
Fancy - Bodyguard
The Flirts - Take Chance On Me
Dance Departament - Paradise
J.D. Jaber - Don’t Stop Loving
Samantha Gilles - Let Me Feel It
Alphaville - Sounds Like A Melody
Baccara - Don’t Let This Feeling Go Away
Atrium - Weekend
Silent Circle - Stop The Rain
Brand Image - Love In A Summer Night
Paul Sharada - Keep Your Love Alive
Aki - Tokio’s
Blue Talking feat. Karel Sanders - Share My Love
Taylor Dayne - Prove Your Love
Den Harrow - Mad Desire
Plastic Mode - Mi Amor
Grant Miller - Colder Than Ice
Mozzart – Devil's Rendezvous
Hank Shostak - Don’t Tell Me
Miko Mission - On Step To Heaven
C.C. Catch - Soul Survivor
Fred Ventura - The Years
Mazinger Z